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    ok I'm a newbie when it comes to movie files and stuff like that(I'm moore into games) but I was looking at some DVD rips and thinking of downloading them and I have a few questions that could save me days and cd's.

    1. Okay first of whats .avi(like is this only able to play in kazaa or other or can I play it in my power dvd?)?

    2. If I burn a file with .avi is it possible to play it in one of my Dvd players(I know it matters what type of Dvd player you got on some things but I have 6 DVD players in my house I sure one will play it if possible)

    Those are all my questions for now thanks in advance.

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    Well, .avi is just a format like any other. It will play in many players if you have the proper codecs installed on you computer (powerdvd is one of them). You can convert your avi files with Tmpgenc to put them onto dvd, or a cd that will play in your dvd player (vcd & svcd). Tmpgenc is available in the download section of hte k-lite homepage, and guides to converting and burning can be found at this site.

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    Thanks that was very helpful

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    Also...if you make sure you have the kazaalite codecs installed...they will play on most media can download them from the main site

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    Check out for any question about anything relating to anything. All knowledge is central to Go there now, young padowan.


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