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    i know you can fit 80 mins of video on a vcd

    is there a way of knowing how big of a encode of avi to mpeg is going to be?

    cuz i got a 750 meg movie and i want it on vcd so how many pieces am i gonna have to cut it up into????

    i know like a 150 avi is 450 mpeg is there a formula

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    Don't worry about the filesize!

    If the movie is under 80 mins you won't need to cut it, if it is more then you will need to cut it after the 80 min mark. Filesize is irrelevant.

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    for vcd&#39;s, 10 mb = 1 min <-----usually, but not always

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    ok ok i might have said something wrong but ok i have a 750 megabyte avi file i want to convert it to mpeg to make a vcd. I know that mpegs create a bigger file size and i want to know is there any way to know before hand how big it will make my 750 meg avi because i want it to be under 3 discs

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    itll be under 3 discs, definetely if its VCD. only SVCD (55 min per disc) pushes it to 3 discs. At the most, your looking at 2 650mb VCD files (MPEG1), good quality, from your avi movie. use TMPGEnc.

    4got to say,
    TMPGEnc lets you choose the video bitrate (for SVCDs, not sure about VCD&#39;s, but im sure u can) for each CD you want to make, it can push it to exactly the full 80min CDR, giving you the best quality, but i used this mostly for SVCD. hope it helps dude.

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    an 80 minute disc usually, not always, will hold 700 mb, so you will need to split it into 2. hope that helps.

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    Nah. You can fit more than that on an 80 min CD-R/RW. Remember, (S)VCD we are burning in CD Mode 2, so you can usually burn VCDs with MPEG files as big as 750-800MB without over-burning the CD.


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