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Thread: is it ok to see lots of torrents .....

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    is it ok to SEED lots of torrents....

    i mean in my utorrent i now have like 24 torrents from various trackers, is it good to do this or would they seed better if i paused some and focused on certain ones?

    i only have 600 upload speed.

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    I also have more than 20 torrents in my client, but I don't keep them all active at the same time. I keep at most 3 or 4 torrents active at the same time, and mostly from the same tracker. I have 512 kbps upload speed.

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    I had about 100 active torrents seeding a few days ago, and I kept on getting tracker offline timeout errors. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I decided to cut it down to about 50 torrents active at a time and the problems disappeared. Many of the torrents were from the same tracker so it might have been caused by the torrents announcing too often in total.

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    If your sending at 100% of your total outgoing all the time you will notice you get errors. However seeding alot of torrents shouldnt cause any issues if your not sending your max outgoing 24/7.
    I leave alot of torrents seeding all the time and never had any issues.


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