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Thread: Dled Game Can't Play... Help

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    I dled THIS
    but it is appear as SimCity4.CD1.DEViANCE.ShareReactor
    then no way I can open it....
    SimCity4.CD1.DEViANCE.ShareReactor.cue also is a un accessable file...
    how can I open themmmm~

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    the first should be a .bin file try using nero and do file->burn image and then select hte cue file (cue and bin file should be in same directory) and it should work. If this doesn't work use notepad, wordpad or word to read the cue file. If it doesn't read properly, delete the cue file and then :rtfaq: or do a search of this board for
    make AND cue

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    how to let bin file start nero~~~


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