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    just what the title says...

    do we get sharereactor stuff on kazaa? at all? are the files renamed? or am i stuck with using something like eDonkey or eMule - both of which are horribly slow?


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    Some of the Sharereactor stuff makes it way to Kazaa - Just look for &#39;sharereactor&#39;, or if you&#39;re looking for a game in particular try &#39;<game> sharereactor&#39;.

    But for most of the stuff on Sharereactor, you&#39;re likely to be saddled with eDonkey or eMule, sorry

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    ok, but does it matter? can we get basically the same stuff on here? or are we really limited?

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    There are loads of users that have both kazaa and emule (like me) and share the files on both networks. so if u find something on sharereactor, then after a while it will probably appear on kazaa as well. Just search for the filename and check filesizes or it may appear in the verifieds here. (Its the same for bittorrent files as well)
    I&#39;d recommend u to use both networks, although emulle takes a while to get started u get uncorrupted software off it and new releases spread more quickly.

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    Originally posted by ian_l_williams@28 May 2003 - 23:16
    u get uncorrupted software off it and new releases spread more quickly.
    this seems to be the biggest reason to still use other networks for downloading software/games. kazaa does corrupt large files of all types. when it corrupts movies, this usually just results in a few seconds worth of ugly, distorted video and you can still watch the movie. but when it corrupts software/games, this can cause huge problems during installation or use/play.

    this problem would probably be fixed if kazaa were to implement a verification scheme which throws away bad bits and redownloads them, the way bittorrent does for example.

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    well does kazaa ALWAYS corrupt them (unintentionally i&#39;m assuming) or can you get some files that are OK? I&#39;ve downloaded a lot of stuff - the original trilogy of Star Wars, Mask of Zorro, Jedi Outcast ISO, etc... all of them seemed perfectly fine...

    do you think they&#39;ll implement it eventually?

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    No, simply stated KaZaa is faster because it does not use error correction, and this is why eMule is slower, because it does.

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    I&#39;ve noticed that eMule&#39;s *download* speeds seem to be slower, not just that it takes longer than KaZaA because it recorrects for errors. Is the slower download speed also caused by the error correction?

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    its because users have no control over their upload slots. Emule can create slots to fill up a upload bandwidth. I usually have mine uploading at 10KB, and it has 5 slots to different users.
    This means they will be getting 2kb each, not to mention that emule works in chunks and doesnt let you download all the parts at once.

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    How do you use a share reactor file


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