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Thread: Gta 3 Cheat

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    sometimes i play gta 3 with cheats but the weird thing is that when I want to stop people fighting eachother (nobodylikesme, weaponsforall, itsallgoingmaaad) that it won't stop! all the other cheats do (like timeflieswhenyou) but the fighting ones don't. this can be very annoying when you are on a mission and a civilian grabbes you and blows you head off!

    does anyone have the same thing?

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    lol, you dont save games with cheats. lol if you do it fucks your game. On vice city it gives a warning!

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    also on vice city... it negatives your score.

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    ok I think about that next time. and vice city... I have tried to download it and I had 4 " vice cities" but they all are different. and there is no verified download for it. maybe one of you has got the real one? could you please give me the link because I' ve heard a lot about vc so I really want to play it.

    thx dd

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    There is a verified bin and cue files for vc city in the verified hash section


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