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Thread: Best Game Ever Made...

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    To me its FFVII (Final Fantasy 7) on the Playstation.

    Was and always will remain a classic.

    Another epic would be Medal Of Honour (Allied Assault) on PC i suppose.

    Im sure this topic as been here before (sorry!&#33 but anyone else got any!!?

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    Mine would be........prolly either MGS or MGS2 or even if judgeing by graphics and realisticness Splinter Cell. but so hard ot choose. cuz MGS gots ood graphics nice story and fun to play n e times. but Splinter Cell's got Great graphics, and realisticness.

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    I think that all the NEW games look nice but the game play sucks on most of them!
    My favorite game ever is Dungeon Master!

    Yes it's an old RPG but don't forget that they copied all the RPG idea's from it!

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    Nah, not all RPG ideas.

    I don't know what my best game ever is.

    I really like the Gabriel Knight series.
    I really like Morrowind and Daggerfall.
    I really like the King's Quest series. Even 8's ok if you don't count it as a King's Quest game. As a KQ game it's horrid.

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    so, he does
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    the germans are like "wtf, h4x"
    -- WW2 for the l33t

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    The best game ever is defently Hitman 1 and 2!!

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    Halo has to be the best when I first got I played for like a month non stop

    amazing graphics....AI...Game play.....Its the best game ever made and until Halo 2 a better game wont be released B)

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    Hitman 1, only because it has that hotel level on it where can just rip every one to shreds
    Also gta's.

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    Rainbow Six ( original its old but has given me almost 2 years of fun ) and from new ones probably bf1942

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    It's between the Metal Gear Solid Series and the Grand Theft Auto Series.

    There sooo similare in the past... remember the old crappy graphics versions? then they updated them up quite a bit. Now they're really badass 3D and fun.

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    Theres lots that I really love, though I'm not sure which is actually the best...

    Favourites include:
    Deus Ex
    Diablo II
    JK2: Jedi Outcast

    ...and of course Half Life

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