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Thread: Divx Movie Help!

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    Does anyone know of a really good DIVX (.avi) file playing software that doesnt lock up all the time? I recently downloaded two huge divX files and get a class not registered error while using Windows Media Player. I can open then in DivX player 2.0 Alpha but they keep locking up at some point. Are the files corrupt? Can anything be done to view these files normally or maybe repair them?

    A new player perhaps??? Any ideas anyone??

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    You can download DiVFix ( to try and fix the files. Programs that you could try to use to play them back include RealOne Player (has spyware so watchout), and Media Jukebox (You can get a trial copy somewhere, or get a kazaa copy).

    If DivFix cant find any errors (check DiVFix.log to see its findings) then I can't help you.

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    use zoom player or bs player, bs is in the klite codec pack

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    Thankx a bunch Strategy_fan, Divfix did the trick


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