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    I would like to make cartoons, but I have 2 disadvantages:

    1. I can't draw, so the program should have ready-to-use characters (something like Stripcreator, but animated).
    2. I'm a computer illiterate, so it should be easy to use.

    I did some searches on Google and Kazaa Lite, without succes:
    - Flipbook, 99$, and you still have to be able to draw I think.
    - Simpsons Cartoon Studio, no longer available.
    - Cartoon Creator, didn't work.

    Any ideas, anyone?

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    Flash MX, it's makes cartooning really easy.

    You can post the content onto websites as .flash, onto dvds as high qual mpeg, onto .avi for computer video.. etc. Even a gif animator.

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    I understand completely, I am in the same boat, no programming/drawing skills but I want to do a lot. Don't let it frustrate you man.

    Have you tried BPM Cartoon Studio? I got it on off Kazaa. I used an earlier version of it and it lets you customize predesigned creatures/humaniods from everthing from their face/hair, build and expressions. I think that is what you should really be after so you can make your own material not fool around with someone else's copyrighted material that you can't publish or authorize.

    By the way, Amapi 3D, I have it and it is a very good 3D imaging program. Check the tutorials out because it lets you create almost lifelike characters similar to Poser but I assume that such a program would be too time consuming if you are talking about regular cartoon strips.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. Tell me how to rip software from CDs and I will put Amapi and Flash MX in my shared folder.

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    Nice links guys, thanks.
    I think I'm going to try them all.

    @ 4u21dr: I'm looking for software for making cartoons, thus animated.
    I have already made regular comics, based on the K-Lite Board members, so I need to move on.

    Adventures at the K-Lite Board

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    Let me know if you guys manage to crack the full version of people putty.


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