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Thread: Movies Performance

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    I can't play movies up to 600MB or high quality movies they just play slowly i have try with fivx, vidomi,bsplayer,cliprex and nothing. The sound is faster than the picture they don't match at all

    is this for my video card┐┐

    or for memory problems┐┐ ( although i have close all the programas before play the movie┐┐

    shoul i try another player ?

    or is a codec problem??

    or a pc proble┐┐┐

    please i need help

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    How fast is your PC? It could be a whole number of different things...

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    Yeah hes got a right question, it could be your PC is too slow. I used to have that problem it was a fucker.
    altho as the man says it could be a multitude of'll have to try and narrow it down.


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