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Thread: Cheater

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    This is just an FYI for everyone so they don't make the same mistake.

    Do not trade with <Removed.>
    He is a cheater. I traded an invite to OiNK to him and within 1 week he was disabled and banned for cheating.

    So if you trade with this person, just beware that they are going to most likely cheat on the tracker you invite them to.

    Hopefully no one else makes the same mistake i did! Watch out!

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    How many times do I have to say it?

    DO NOT create these threads! If you have proof that a member cheated or scammed you, make a new thread in the Report section and it will be investigated accordingly.

    Threads like this only create and open forum for flaming a member, which is never acceptable.


    The FST group

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    If members continue to ignore the rules of this section and make posts like this they may have their access removed. These issues arent always clear which is why weve asked those that have issues with cheats make a report so we can look into it. At times sites make mistakes and its more likely to happen with the larger sites. This is why we ask members dont post threads like this and allow the Staff here to deal with it...
    Quote Originally Posted by RealitY View Post
    Scammers And Cheaters

    • For issues with scammers post in the Invite Scammers thread.
    • For issues with cheaters make a Report in the Report Section.
    • Post screenshots and proof on scammers and cheaters.
    • The Staff here at the site will look into it.

    • If we find proof they will have access to this section REMOVED.
    • They may also be completely BANNED from the site.


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