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Thread: Abaut Centopy Matrix

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    HI j whish to recive one answer how das bittornet work.
    J have installed it to dawnload matrix reloaded . After j cliced on matrix reloaded mirror sth it dawnladed me 2000 mb or sth like that . Originalyy j have this cue files nad bin files on my com in a file over 2gig but bittornet still shows that is dawnloading sth ??????????????

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    Yup...what bittorrent does is allocate space on your hard drive. So it makes space for the 2.2 gb file...but there is no actual data there yet. You cant do anything with it until Bittorrent has finished downloading the file.

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    yeah hes right wait until it says "finish" on the button, but dont push it, keep it open for other people to download.
    Then refresh in explorer and your full files will be there, use vcdgear to change them to mpeg and watch away.


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