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Thread: **** Need Help ****

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    I need help to get a free domainname but then I need 450 visitors a day, I have 100 right now, please take a look:

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    To the mods: Please ban this user PERMANENTLY

    To adnan: You don't deserve to be at this board. Nice site anyway.

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    LOl man, I just need some visitors, is that so bad?

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    Originally posted by adnan@29 May 2003 - 17:57
    LOl man, I just need some visitors, is that so bad?
    Well it's not allowed sorry!
    They will remove this thread man!

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    just put a (small) banner for the frickin site in your signature and stop making new threads for it every 5 minutes

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    If I were a moderator here then I would haave you permanently banned and post your IP at a hacker message board.


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