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Thread: Where Do I Go To Change Access To Hard

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    where do i go to change my accesability on windows xp so i can get into my hard drive??

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    Access to your hard drive What have u done? Did u encrypt the whole drive or something or do u only have a limited account on the computer?? I think we need more info on exactly whats wrong

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    no theyre just hidden!! where do i go to chanhge my options??

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    I'm still not understanding u. If files are hidden go to (Edit: In Windows Explorer)
    Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Then click show hidden files.
    If u need to change your level of access on xp then its in start -> control panel -> User accounts. But u will need administrator level accces (ie logged in as administrator or someone with same level) to change account options of yourself or someone else.
    Hope thats of help, or if not, be extreeeeemely specific in your next reply cos I'm not getting it

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    lol i did this recently, I had a lot of stuff on my games and apps drive, so i locked it so only Administrator could access it (no it wasnt porn lol), anyway, I fucked my o/s, had to wipe my windows drive, reinstalled 98 then upgraded back to XP, my shared drive was fine (phew&#33 but my apps drive wouldnt let me in, access it, change configurations or drivers nothing. In the end i had to format it (it let me do that, wtf, anyone could have formatted it, windows security sucks lol) and now i have access to it again.

    I wished i knew a way round it, but in the end it could have doe with a clear out lol

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    Originally posted by basics@29 May 2003 - 14:30
    no theyre just hidden!! where do i go to chanhge my options??
    Are you using TweakUI? This behavior can occur if you use the TweakUI tool to hide one or more

    If so:

    >Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
    >Double-click TweakUI.
    >Click the My Computer tab, and then click any cleared check boxes to select them.
    >Click Apply, and then click Close.
    >Restart your computer.
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    thats the tcket corner , bleedin tweaking shite!!! lol


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