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    Im downloading RoN from emule but the wait was very long and than the 400 resources i got are most in quede and the transfer i getting right now is 6kbps at the most its worst than 56k for the ISO it will take long. any one have any suggestions? is it available here in kazaa? a site? plz

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    The game is available on Kazaa, however, my friend got a corrupt file when he downloaded it off kazaan (surprise, surprise!&#33, so if I were U I'd stick with emule. Just connect to a server like Razorback or SilentBob and wait.....and wait.....the best "stratergy" is to simply forget about the game, and then when U go look at it a few days later (1-2 days) it'll be done

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    I got it from Bittorrent very fast, though I cant remember wich site.

    Sorry about that.

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