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Thread: Kaspersky Anti - Virus

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    I just wanted 2 know if any 1 has used or is currently using Kaspersky Anti Virus cos i wnat 2 know if it is any cop...

    Iam currently using the Free version of AVG {which is total MINT} but i just thinking about using Kaspersky....

    I would be greatful for any response

    Thanks and take it easy......>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Why don't you download the AVG PRO ,from here :

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    I have tried a few AV progs - to be honest I couldn't see any real difference in how effective they were - they all seemed to work just fine but I prefer AVG Pro because it is nice and simple to use but very efficient- the Kaspersky jobbie looks like a 'kin computer game - buttons everywhere - multiple screens - half the time I didn't know if I was scanning for a virus or cooking a chicken kiev - the 'kin thing is far too complex - i just want to press a search & destroy button not re program the friggin' virus code..........


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    there is a better anti virus it is called Dr.web - recently been voted #1 in russia. Dont even bother with Norton - it wont pick up a lot of viruses - even with the latest AV update! ( as i found out) Dr.Web will though! its simple to use.

    but you need to get the correct key file( dont crack it otherwise when you update u have the trial version again)

    if anyone is interested PM me and ill give u the key file.



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