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    wassup people,

    i have a few divx movies. and wish to compress them with xvid via virtual dub mp3/virtual dub

    could you please tell me how, the reason being because i am purchasing a kiss dvd player and i know they play xvid files. so i'm gonna compress all my movies to xvid so please could some one tell me how

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    kiss dvd plays divx.

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    does it play divx3.11.
    i dont think they are aloud to use the codec for that because it was a hack of the m$ codecs.

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    Hey 4play...I forgot where I read about it...I think it was in hardware world, but apparently the new versions of the Kiss Player will play DIvx 3.1 films. Pretty nifty B)

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    i have a few divx movies. and wish to compress them with xvid via virtual dub mp3/virtual dub
    Why on earth would you want to compress a movie that has already been compressed? (that's what DIVX is, a compression scheme, like XVID)

    What you need to do is convert the divx movie to a VCD(or SVCD).

    Read this post.

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    why convert to s, vcd when with a kissplayer play it in the format that i downloading it in. isnt that the point of having a divx player?

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    Just change the FourCC code of a DivX 3.11 encode movie to that of a FourCC code that is supported by your player.

    No need to re-encode the video.

    The K-Lite Codec Pack has a FourCC code changer program.

    There is a firmware upgrade for the KiSS player, so that it supports DivX 3.11

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    just out of interest, what's a fourCC code?


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