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Thread: Wag The Dog

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    I know this is old, but, was just curious if any copies were floating around, due to recent events.

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    i don't have a copy of this movie sorry. i am looking for some movies too but i think average age here is around 16 that everyone is after matrix like titanic one even responds to regular movies,i'll wait to see if there are still no selfish ,mature people enough to exchange files left around...If i find a copy of wag the dog,i'll post it here.

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    Wag the Dog is posted on the fasttrack forum, 679,908 is the file size, however I have never connected once in well over 4 months of trying to download. Good Luck.

    Here is a LINK to the page where it is posted, everything is in alphabetical order and is rather easy to find. Let us know if any of you ever connect by posting a reply, thanks. You will need to join, however once a member simply click this link and you will see the posting and follow the alphabet to the particular quicklink.


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