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Thread: Game Stops When Comes To Playin'

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    A friend of mine is having probs with his pc.
    When it comes to playing some games like colin mcrae 2.0 ater going through the options of choosing track etc the game just goes and returns him to his desktop.

    It happens with other games too and only happens when it comes to actually playing the game (loading the graphics and level etc). Why is this?

    I think it could be drivers or system settings.

    The pc is capable enough and his os s xp. But colin mcae and the other games work for me (I have xp too).

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    same thing happened to me with mcrae 2 (from kazaa) - i use xp, i right clicked on the .exe file - properties - disable visual themes - try also the resolution in same menu + dont set graphics to higher than default

    game then runs but i have no sound

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    ok thanks, I'll try that. It's the real game (not of kazaa). It's happening with other games too.

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    He might need to upgrade his video drivers or DirectX.

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    I had a similar problem with Colin McRae 2 (Kazaa version) and I understood what was causing that crash : in the advanced graphic options, you must turn off the "track details" because all of the tracks informations are on the CD (not the car ones) so... No CD, No track details !

    Good luck !

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    I got the game working soon after. Can't remember what done it, maybe it was just the fact it was turned on, then on again (a restart).


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