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Thread: Emule Is A Joke

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    Just like a donkey, cheesy and slow...completely uninstalled this junk off my computer never again be touched by even a 10 foot pole. btw, I am a dc user and there's no need to use anything else.

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    If you have no need for anything other than dc. what are you doing on this forum.

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    Well, if emule is a joke, that joke got me some of my best games Also, please restrict non-constructive posts like this to the lounge.

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    I was only kidding, honestly I love emule as if it was a real donkey. makes great pet and you know I use it nearly as much as kazaa or dc, or bittorent. you better believe it.

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    yeh suppose its ok for downloading files under 140mb but i would,nt like to download a bin file with it
    slow as fooook some1 needs to hack that damm program IMO. btw i'am on 1mb download, 256 upload.

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    must be doing something good though.

    i dont use kazaa much nowadays since using emule, and finding sources by ed2k links is much easier on the emule network than using sig2dat hashes on the fasttrack network. By the time kazaa finds an available source, emule will have probably finished by then.

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    yep mabaye, but what i do is type the same name into kazaa and leave auto search on for a bit and i seem to get the files quicker instead of starting your download right away just leave it for about an hour and then download the file, i agree sig2dats dont work for me no matter what format they are in, but emule i seem to get alot of ports scans from that program using peer guardian even when i close the program down still get alot of warnings from my firewall this doesnt happen with kazaa even with peer guardian.

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    i also like how little control users have over the uploads..some people will hate the fact that they can't decide who gets their data, but it prevents favoritisim, and even leeching to some degree.


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