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Thread: Looks Like Suprnova Comming Back

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    i go on to the site and it says,

    We have problems with our hardware and stuff. We will be back. Sorry.


    Probally a joke but who knows.

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    they are coming back, it was just a prob with there servers, they have been having probs for awhile now, i think they just decided enough was enough and they would do it not, and it was just coincidence that the BBC news story broke. i got this off but you need to register and then contribute to the forum and only then will they make you a vip and let you see the torrents.

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    Thank god for that. I saw one Bt site that wasn't putting up any torrents for a while because of that story.

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    Now if I can only find a real good version of bruce almighty but damnit, its very very hard to get by these day!!! I only manage to download half of the crappy version then the guy cut me off, fcuk him.
    There is a real good version but it's 1.5gb in siZe, god that is one pain file to get only manage to get 5 percent and man I give up . thought I already seen matrix reloaded, it is not impressive at all. movies are just movies, no matter how good you think. It's all fake!

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    kool, sound good.


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