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Thread: Faster Downloads Are Possible!

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    I know that the KaZaA Lite creators want to have a better product. (Everyone does). There is a way to make the files inside the installers smaller. This obviously means shorter download time. There is a program called UPX ( It is able to compress Executables, DLL's, and other files. BUT the GREAT thing about this program is that you don't need to decompress the files to be able to use them as you would normally.

    I suggest the creators of KaZaA Lite use this to make smaller downloads of the K-Lite program and its codecs. For an Example, I have compressed the following files, and they still work perfectly:

    File size Ratio Format Name
    -------------------- ------ ----------- -----------
    1541120 -> 529920 34.38% win32/pe divx.dll
    262144 -> 81920 31.25% win32/pe
    287744 -> 184832 64.23% win32/pe divxa32.acm
    53248 -> 17408 32.69% win32/pe
    413760 -> 120832 29.20% win32/pe DivXc32.dll
    413760 -> 120832 29.20% win32/pe DivXc32f.dll

    I copied that from the UPX screen. The only bad thing about this program is that it only works from the MS-DOS prompt.

    (Also, if the creators wanted to get really small files, they could use 7-zip (, but that requires decompressing.)

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    whats up with that font mate?

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    dont they already do that?

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    This should have been posted in developments.

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    Originally posted by ghost944@29 May 2003 - 22:12
    whats up with that font mate?
    u dont have to look @ the fonts dude.u can change it too if u want


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