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Thread: Uping The Clocking!

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    ive read about changing the clock speed on comps and i just want to know how?...i can find no reference to it on my comp and ive checked system in the control panel...i have win98se...anyone?

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    You mean overclocking.

    That is only possible via the BIOS of your computer.
    It's NOT recommended for beginners, because it can potentially damage your CPU or motherboard.

    There are lots of sites about overclocking (or tweaking). is a very good one.
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    It will depend on what motherboard/processor combo you have.

    Try using the Belarc advisor freely available here to inventory your PC.

    After you've got that info, try the mfg website for any documentation you can find.

    3 different ways to overclock:

    1. change the multiplier

    2 change the core voltage

    3. change the bus speed.

    Changing the mutiplier or bus speed will do the least harm. Changing your core voltage can do irrepairable harm to your processor.

    You may do this manually(using jumpers) or going into your BIOS and making changes.

    Try for info and check their CPU database.

    Proceed at your on risk. You may be shopping for a new mobo combo if you aren't careful.

    P.S. if you don't understand any of the terms I've used above then you shouldn't be overclocking anything.(IMHO)

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    i don't so i wont...ta for info anyway

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    You can typically overclock to 10% with no ill effects, but this is VERY IMPORTANT, you gotta keep the CPU cool. Use a copper cored heat-sink. Remember that you want lots of mass, but more importantly surface area. You can slap a huge fan on a dinky little heatsink and you just end up with a fried cpu. You can get a liquid cooling kit pretty cheaply but it usually cheaper to by the faster cpu. Peltier (solid-state ) coolers are nifty too, but tend to take a lot of power on startup and will brown out your puter' every time you stert it up if you have a cheap PS.

    Any questions?

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    this is wat i dont understand, why would anyone "overclock" im mean if you spend alot of money on cooling why not buy a faster cpu instead of taking the risk of fuxering your comp up

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    Originally posted by TheFilePirater@29 May 2003 - 21:34
    this is wat i dont understand, why would anyone "overclock" im mean if you spend alot of money on cooling why not buy a faster cpu instead of taking the risk of fuxering your comp up
    For the thrill and fundamental side of things

    I'm a AMD user and if you get the right chip you can get a drastic increase in performance. For instance I currently have:

    AMD 1700+ (1.4 Mhz) Tbred-B @ 2212 Mhz
    12.5x177 - 1.75V
    SLK800A Heatsink
    50 CFM 80mm fan.
    @ Idle 37
    @ Load43

    (extra 800 Mhz without any watercooling or expense) running rock stable B)

    2nd system: (same type cpu)
    Athlon XP 1700+ @ 2002 Mhz
    11x182 - 1.75v
    cooled by a Volcano 7 @ 45C max load

    Of course everyone has there opinion on overclocking, I choose do to it because I can and have the inside/out know how.
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    I have an AMD Mp system
    with 2.5 Ghz Cpu speed
    1.5gig ram
    two stage anhydrous ammonia cooling
    two peltiers between the water block and CPU's

    runs at 60F at idle
    and at 65F under load.

    draws about 400 watts continuos tho and is loud as hell because of the 4 fans on the radiator block.

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    You can play with this prog.
    Dont have the hash but I know its out there.


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