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    what is the best anti spyware and privacy software for winXP>?>?>? thanx in advance. I have never used this kind of software before and i think now it is time.

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    I use Adware from LAVASOFT and works fine.Another is SPYBOT i tryed one time and uninstaled because has a crappy interface and give me results as mediaplayer ,and ather things of microsoft .What? we are afraid because microsoft has some spyware built-in?No,Bill Gates has no time to find who download some warez or another things like that .

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    I use both Adaware and Spybot, and the latter always seems to find more than Adaware.

    You can find them both at the download page.

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    AAW6 ( but rememeber cydoor in KL is harmless) & Spybot S and D & XP AntiSpy & Trojan Remover 5.06.

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    thanks a lot, looks like adaware it is then...

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    i use both Adaware and Spybot because they both find things the other doesn't
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    Don't just trust ad aware alone!
    It doesn't find everything.
    I use a combo.
    Infact I use everone I can get my hands on and they all find different things.
    Get everyone of them is my opinion.

    Adaware,Pest Patrol Corporate,Spybot S&D,Bullet Proof Software.
    Every single one of those finds stuff that the other one don't.
    I know this from running them many times concurrently.

    Btw when Spybot finds that you have Bullet Proof Software on your comp it will want to delete it!
    Spybot accuses BPS of stealing their data base and thus wants to delete it.
    When it finds it just tell spybot to ignore.


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