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Thread: How 2 Get All The Films

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    i remember reading a post on how 2 get all the films u want by putting simple keywords in2 the search bar (so i aint gonna take the credit) by typing in tmd or smr or sharereactor u get all the films without going through loads of other crap2 hpe this helps. and thanks again 4 whoever originally posted this.

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    Yeah, you can use keywords like TMD, SMR and even Centropy(et al).

    These are just the names of movie bootlegger groups. It doesn't mean you'll get accurate files [any faster].

    You are better off using the verified hashes posted throughout this forum.

    Better still, learn how to use IRC and get the movies from the source. That is where these groups initially release their movies.

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    yep that will work

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    well im in the early stages of figuring out irc (get there eventually) sorry if it sounded like peple would get the correct files all the time it just cuts out a lot of the shit...less fakes usually when i type tmd smr centropy. allso which is the best bittorrent site 2 use??

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    vite has released a hell of a lot
    usually works for me just typing vite and searchin for files at least 600 Mb
    watch out for fakes though

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    I don't know how to use IRC, I downloaded it, but can't figure it out.......when I search for movies here on the search field I'll put, and it comes back with tons of should try that.

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    I remember trying to download Spider-Man with the artist as tmd and the films usual size but the bstrd was a fake with hundreds of sources so I dunno its very easy for someone to rename a film previously done by then and keep all details like artist but rename the file name and title


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