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Thread: b.s.o.d.

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    is there a basic cause for the blue screen of death to keep coming up on my pc(only 2 months old) and a simple way of sorting it . there seems to be a different error code each time and it can happen like every 15 minutes !!

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    Possibly a faulty memory stick. If it's only 2 months old, is it not still under warranty?

    Take it back to the shop, and demand they fix it!

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    It really could be anything from overheating to driver problems (though driver problems are less likely if the error is different each time). As suggested, getting it fixed under warrenty is the best solution. Just make sure you back up what you want to keep before sending it in.

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    What computer is this? Specs please. Did you build it?

    Has it always done this? If not then when did it start? What did you change at about that time?

    Use Google and search the error code(s).

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    got it from computersuperstore supposedly top of the range, been sent back twice already so it looks like its going back again !!

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    If your two month old PC has already been back twice due to hardware issues I'd ask for a replacement rather than let them dick you around till the warranty expires and you're SOL.
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    A useful link for BSOD errors:
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