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Thread: Looking for Bitme invite

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    I know that this is a long shot and that most of you may think I've got a cheek to ask for this invite with what I've got to offer.
    I'm looking for bitme invite i can show you good ratios, unfortunately I've only got these invites to trade, and more than likely youve got these or you don't want them.
    Stormin Torrents, Digital Hive, Tv Junkies, IPtorrents,
    If any one would be so kind it would be most appreciated, but understand if you do not wish to invite me with what i got.
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    Hey ! Dog, instead of saying that U keep a Good ratio, post 2 or more out here with today's date, and everyone can take a "Crack" at it. Put your $$ where your mouth is, Dog......Just my 2 cents, Bro


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