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Thread: Iso Trouble

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    I downloaded FIFA 2003 as 2 ISO files. I have slapped them onto 2 CD's using Nero, no problems or errors.

    Now, I put them in my CD drive and windows is telling me the CD has no data on it. 0 bytes in my computer?

    Is this due to some anti piracy thing or what?

    I f I use ISO buster, can I just copy all the files to somewhere and then burn them that way instead of burning the image file?

    Help much appreciated.

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    Did you try installing it with Daemon Tools first?

    Did you use the burn image option?

    If it installs with Daemon Tools then its a good ISO and you did not burn it correctly

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    did u use the cue file, if not just get CDRWin5 demo on kazalite dont need the cue file with it and its easy to use, it much better for burning than nero for bins and just uninstall after.

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    He has the ISOs not BINs....but i still dont know why people still burn Images to a CD first before they install them, then they find out the image is BAD. and they have a new coaster

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    I got it burned onto discs using ISO bister like I thought. Installed it , but when I play the game, or try to should I say, I choose my team etc, then it says loading for about 10 seconds and then exits to windows


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