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    Originally posted by Recent Email

    Dear blueyonder broadband customer,

    A few months ago, you contacted Telewest to register an interest in the new blueyonder 2Mb service, and we are pleased to announce that the service is now nationally available!

    If you are an existing blueyonder broadband customer and like the idea of download times that are 4 x faster than BT, Freeserve and AOL broadband, you can now visit our web site and find out how to upgrade online.

    The new blueyonder 2Mb service will cost £54.99 a month (or £50.00 a month if you take a Telewest phone line). 

    For more information on 2Mb and to upgrade, please visit <<>>


    The team at blueyonder
    I want opinions&#33;

    Was anyone lucky enough to grab a free trial of the 2mbit service from blueyonder?

    I know that kazaa downloads are limited by the bandwidth of the people I&#39;m d/l ing from, but is anone else considering this kind of service.

    It&#39;s just soooo expensive, but not when compared to the £value of the movies, music (& occasionally software) that I d/l per month.


    Should I?

    a. forget it, 1mbit service is fast enough
    b. wait until telewest clarifies their position on p2p bandwidth capping
    c. f*** it, sign up now
    d. cancel my cable TV subscription and use the cash to pay for the new faster service - after all, I can d/l the latest tv eps from kazaa/usenet/bittorrent anyway&#33;#

    help me decide&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

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    i&#39;d stay with the 1mbit service, iot fast enough, and then u still got cable tv, im on bluyonder 512 service and thats fast enough for me, but i may be upgradin when i get the money.

    bloody visas.

    edit: i wish i had got the trail service though, to see what its like.

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    oh, sorry. forgot an option:-

    e: cancel b/b altogether. AOL dial-up is the 1337357&#33;

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    Blueyonder is currently reviewing their pricing policy, as their OWN technical advisers are recommending that the new service is too expensive.

    This could also have a knock on affect on the 1Mb service (but probably not the 512Kb)

    The way i heard it is that they are waiting to see the takeup of the new 2Mb service, before deciding whether to lower the prices of the 2 higher services.

    The betting is that if lowered the new price structure could be 40/30/25, instead of the 50/35/25 that is currently available (with a cable phone line)

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    Now that, Rat Faced, is what I call a great reply&#33;

    Hell, I don&#39;t mind paying £35 for the service I got now, but if holding off would make telewest consider offering double the speed for just a fiver more, then that kind of info is the stuff that shall be posted on every forum that Tyke is a member of B)

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    that&#39;d be good&#33; then i could afford the 1mb&#33; YAY&#33;

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    Originally posted by Proper Bo, I tell thee@30 May 2003 - 00:13
    that&#39;d be good&#33; then i could afford the 1mb&#33; YAY&#33;
    same here, or maybe even the 2mb service, its a shared connection with 2 pcs. so 1 mbit each.


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