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    If a cd lets say for instance Medal Of Honor ( great game ) has a copy protection on it, and it is impossible to burn normally what if i make an image outa it then i burn the image to a cd-r will that work?

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    Alcohol 120% can make images of protected games (THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT FORUM DUMB NUTS). Search of google to figure out what protection medal of honour uses then in Alcohol 120% it'll ask what protection it uses, just pick the right one and it'll make the correct image. Then you can burn it.

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    Thanks a bunch!

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    You could also try game copy world. They usually have most games listed with the protection each one uses.

    They also have the utilities to get around the protections.

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    CloneCD can copy any CD no matter what kind of protection is on it.

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    Whoa Spike...calm he posted in the wrong need for name calling. Im sure a mod will move it.


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