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Thread: Dumb Question about Trancetraffic

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    so sorry about asking this because its probably dumb
    But is Trancetraffic all trance music or does it have all kinds. and if it has more than just trance, which catigory has the most, Rock, Country, House etc..... or is there more trance than any other kind
    Also how would you rank it against oink,STmusic and or VIPmusic or what would you compare it to

    Im looking for another site like oink that has many torrents in each catagory(good luck right)

    Thanks in Advance

    Edit:sorry not sure how I double posted?
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    berserk1980's Avatar BERSERK BT Rep: +4
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    it is about Electronic. like house, trance, techno, break, dnb...............................................
    very nice for Electronic fans. in its field, better than oink, vip and stm, just i think.
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