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    I'm downloading matrix reloaded the centropy one off of bittorrent, but i won't be able to keep my comp on all n8t. How do i pause and resume. I read the faq from the bittorent site, but how can i start the download again when i don't have the file to start the download. when i clicked on the link to start the download, a file was downloaded to the temp folder, and that is the file to start the download, but i can't find that file. How am i supposed to start the download again?

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    you have to save the torrent of the file to your hard drive by right clicking on the torrent. The next day, simply click on the torrent, guide it to where you were downloading the file. bittorrent will automatically check the file and will start downloading from where you left off. Hope this helps.

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    All you do is cancel it whenever you want, if you want to resume, just go to the site where you found that file, and click that link again, this time save it to the same folder, then BT will do the rest for you.


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