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Thread: Earth Station 5

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    Share Pro just PM me to test a stream of MR2, part 3 of what seems to be the Impure version, I got audio, no video yet. He also mentioned a possible launch within hours.

    Well it seems I needed to update my WMP, after all I never use it. I now am watching audio and video, these guys aren't bullshitting. Boy I almost feel sorry for the guys in the "biz". Seems the new generation may have arrived, Star Trek style.

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    I just tried to DL the beta of ES5 and it doesn't seem to be there, same with Shareaza, any idea whats going on?

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    its there: go to ... once you're there click on the topic "beta testing" and then the thread which is pinned "latest beta"

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    Thanks, getting it now.

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    no problem, enjoy the fast speeds and great security


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