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Thread: Winzip Or Winrar

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    why use winzip when winrar will do just the same as zip but more.. and in the xp you have a zip utilty built in....

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    this should be in software

    i prefer stuffit browser [which is alladin product]
    i think it's mostly about interface preferences
    i'd like an app which made many small zip files of a directory!

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    Zip, ZAP, ZOOPP!

    Howabout WINACE??? That's a pretty good pakking/unpakking prog.
    Seems pretty efficient, too. I don't like winzip's interface, anyway.WINARC has a better i.f. so does WINACE

    W.A. is worth a try.... oh , well...just a thought...blblblblbblblblblblblblblblblblbi...heehaw!

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    The xp built-in utility its so strange ,takes 10 minutes to unzip a file ,yeah winzip is good but can't unzip the rar files ,winrar is the best but you need a crack for,the best and is freeware is IZarc that unzip a lot of files such rar,zip,arj and more ,try it .

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    My vote is definitely for Winace...Ive been using it for years, and it will unpack just about anything.

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    winrar all the way

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    PowerArchiver is my choice for an all around archiving utility.
    Good for zipping programs and making them self-extracting exe's to put on k-lite
    HERE is their website.
    BTW, it's on kaz. also.

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    i use WinZip, WinRAR and WinACE and they are all good but the buit in XP one is shit
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    I use winzip jsut for zip files, and winrar for unzipping a load of zips at one time, (faster i think).

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    i just use winzip for fimilarity
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