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Thread: What is a bitmetv invite worth?

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    Post what would you take to give a bitmetv invite.

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    nothing. I usually only give them (barely ever trade) to people I think will contribute to the community in some way, an uploader, and active forum poster at other torrent sites, people who know how to code, people who I've seen seeding rare stuff on other sites (I know they're the type that will help keep torrents alive forever ;-) ), people I know in real life, people I've invited to other sites who I've seen are good members, etc. Just all-around good "community" type people. I know staff at a couple of the smaller private torrent sites, so before inviting them to bitmetv I may even ask those staffers at other sites if they've heard about the person I'm considering inviting at their site, and if they're a good bet or a bad bet.

    my bitmetv account is just to valuable to me to invite a COMPLETE stranger. they're too good at catching people who cheat & who have opened more than one account for me to consider it worth the risk unless I check you out first.

    edit: this means I'll invite you if I find you -people PM'ing me for invites are not going to get one.
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