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Thread: Minesweeper

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    Anyone play that game that comes with your comp called MINESWEEPER?
    well i do
    i was bored so i thought i would ask for your best times
    heres mine
    Beginner - 6 seconds
    Intermidiate - 34 seconds
    Expert - 92 seconds
    if i knew how to do a screenshot i would show it(also if i knew how to post an image properly)

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    expert in 92 secs? bs!
    im just pissed coz mine best is 450 something

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    no man seriously 92 i wouldnt lie to look cool on tha net thats for pussies
    my average for expert is usually anywhere from 105 seconds to 130(if i need to change music or somethin B) )
    i do play it quite a bit
    i could d o a screen shot for you if you want but i dont know how to & no fucking clue how to post an image

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    that has to be the most boringest game I have ever played

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    Why would you even try minsweeper I only played it when my internet was down


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