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Thread: Ok How Do You View Avis

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    I can download emm i tried getting avi player but they won play do i convert what do i do plz help I am new at this everyone stopped putting up MPG on kazza now they are all avi. Thanks Movie goer at home

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    Easy as pie my friend. Go here. Go to the downloads section, and then download the K-lite codec pack. Install it, and youll be able to watch all avis...cheers

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    download kazza lite codec pack and get bs player and also download divx player avi's will play fine in those and usually once you've downloaded the codec pack they will play in kazaa thetre also,hope this helps

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    Ok I went to your link it did not work anymore sugestions and what is BS

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    Bs player works great thanks all for the help much apreciated

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    BS stands for bullshit

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    Originally posted by adthomp@31 May 2003 - 05:49
    BS stands for bullshit
    yeah plays a bunch of bullshit... ... im surprised that there isnt a bullshit skin


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