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Thread: Vice City No Cd Crack

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    PLease Please Please does any1 have the no cd crack because i have downloaded the dredwerks download of Vice city and it works perfectly, only that the movies do not play sound. Hence I d/l the sound files seperately after installing them its askin for a the vice city does any1 have the crack or know how to work around the crack???????/

    once again PLEASE

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    Thankyou...I downloaded it but it still doesn't crack it....... it asks for vice city cd!!!!!!
    do you know anyothers or does anybody know please

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    This is where I got mine. Works like a charm. Just pick your mirror.

    NO CD Patch

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    Well you need the install cd still to use it. Sony also got wise to the NOCD cracks so they involved the play cd also in the installation process.

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    thankyou but I have a ripped version and i installed the sound files for the videos in the mp3 folder it worked fine b4 that so is it possible to change filenames or sunthing???....anything?? please help took me ages to get....

    p.s do u have ripped or original????

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    thankyou anyways but i was extracting the files wrongfully hehe how dum anyways peace out setas lata


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