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    I am new at the risk of appearing so ill informed ...will someone please share with me....the steps in "uploading". I have had great success in downloading and burning CD's. Thanks.

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    Just fill your shared folder and use the options menu to allow others access mate.

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    Hi there, this is a question along the same lines as our new Kazaa friend here...about uploading.
    I just pulled the old Kazaa lite and replaced it with the newest version and I can't seem to get the thing to show my files. I've reinstalled it three time now, with three seperate downloads, one which came from a different site than the other two. But it still shows me as NOT sharing any files.
    I've tried the "find media" option as well as doing it manual. What can I be missing?
    Quick thought, though...I tend to run NAV at all times, I disable you think it's my Search and Destroy Resident? Perhaps the new Peer Guardian I've installed? Those are the only things new since my last version...which worked just fine. I just hated the little pop ups telling me there was a new and improved out there I should get. So I got it.
    Any help at all would be deeply appreciated. I'm losing heart over this.

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    If the files do not appear in my media then you need to put the right file location in folder for downloaded files.
    If the files do appear give it time, it should eventually (10 mins max) say you're sharing # files

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    Yeah...I've done that. Ever since the Napster days...I've always reassigned my download folder seperate from my uploads. So I can check files for integrity and/or nasty bugs before someone tries to upload something bad from me.
    Problem is I left it up all night picking a couple of slow downloads just to see what would happen. Never showed up.
    Then I go into the on-line forum to see if someone would help by "looking" for me and my files..but I think they were all bots or busy flaming each other. *sigh*
    Do you think it might have something to do with how MANY files I have in there? Sorta the way ATM gets constipated with too many fonts? thanks and respect for your trying to help. If I can't get it going...well, last in first out. Take care.

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    put it in problems you may get more responses.

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    Jay: Thanks...Gman


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