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Thread: Kazaa - Farewell

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    Regarding KaZaa, someone mentioned just don't share and your problem is solved. Then what is the point, this is the attitude that causes uploads slots to be full while you can't download shit. I am just finishing a file that has taken about a week, in the past would've been in a few hours. After this file I may close my KaZaa window for good. There are to many other places to go that are far better, something I was never able to say before since the Fast Track Network was the fastest. Although now it is flooded with malicious code, fakes and snoops.

    I think I must move on, though I am sad to say goodbye. It is a shame that the folks at Sharman have not taken steps to protect our idenities and have left us in the lurch chasing down the likes of Peer Guardian. It seems clear most users never make it that far and just give up and stop sharing.

    It actually amazes me to think about what I have done to share, Peer Guardian which I update at least once a week, privacy patch which is now a built in option, My fw Zone Alarm, my router for a little extra, and I am even using proxies now, phew. What a pain in the ass to share on a network that you can't download anything. All the hashes at FastTrackMovies are a waste unless you plan to do some serious waiting, and what for.

    As I said before, its like that "hot babe" your doing, and then suddenly shes the "old lady". I also have no intention on getting a letter, what for, not interested, and considering that my Peer Guardian is taking hits while KaZaa is off, well... Farewell, I will continue to share, though not here, and should I feel guilty, what for. After all, no one else is, why should I, though I will no longer take from here either.

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    just clean out your desk and leave. don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

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    theres a program you can download that stops riaa from scanning your ports... simple! problem solved just make sure u have it running when kazaa is running then u can still share... if u want it email me The program blocks their ip's!

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    Hear, Hear, ive been saying this for the last 2 months, just pleased another regular on the board has had the same experience and is not afraid to voice it here on the "k-lite" forum.


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    Sounds like my problem. Only I had a corrupted db file and fixed it. Self inflicted wound. Sounds like whining to me. WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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    Hmm, well, for me FastTrack is still the best.

    I live in Israel and don't think there's any chance of getting charged for piracy here. Also, FastTrack is the only network for now where you can find something and actually download it. In all other clients (like eMule, Overnet, WinMX, etc. the search option was obsolete because of queues and stuff, and no BitTorrent is a hash-only p2p). That just totally sucks when you have to download a release and if there's no release for what you're looking for, you're screwed. Until there's another P2P when search does something, i will be using KLite as my main prog. However, ES5 has some potential...

    Still, it's your choice... eDonkey and Bittorrent and ES5 all have their merits too good luck.

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    1) i know what you mean! no one is sharing anymore! almost every verified download i wanna download "needs more sources"
    2) its too bad.... fasttrack network is the best..... the edonkey network makes you wait in queue for hours to get a 5kb/s d/l rate
    3) try using the gnutella network, use Bearshare its almost like Kazaa except for the Gnutella network....

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    Originally posted by 3RA1N1AC@30 May 2003 - 11:35
    just clean out your desk and leave.* don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
    Thats funny, though, don't forget as the door hits my ass, it is also another XXMB of an external drive with a large shared folder you will not be uploading from anymore, unfortunatly. I think I have pretty much regularly ul my 7.5GB that is allowed by my ISP monthly.

    Also as mentioned I do use PG to stop spooks. It is just a fact people are NOT sharing as they used to. Sharman should be packaging PG with KaZaa for the public at large so they have some protection, thus maybe people would not be getting all the letters, emails and phone calls, and maybe they would still be sharing. P2P's like Shareaza are up to date on security issues. Seems, probably, most regular KaZaa users never heard of PG or know about any security, though they heard about the RISKS (mostly hype) and emptied their shared folders. This is getting worse and worse.

    After years as a KaZaa user I can only say its been good, and fast. I have enjoyed it and will visit on ocassion for old times sake. I am not whining as also said here. I am just dissapointed.

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    this is by no means a personal attackx, but

    So you gonna give in? You're gonna add to the holes where downloadable files used to be. Well done, way to go!

    Sure, kazaa will not last forever. In the scheme of things, kazaa, this forum, whatever, will be obsolete. Hopefully iot will have been superceded by another thing to give the RIAA, MPAA etc etc headaches.

    But while it's there, I'll cointinue to let others have anything I rip, any encode, or just offer another source for a popular file. If I ever get the letter from the legal folks (not the stoopid pop-up message from kazaa) then maybe I'll consider my stance, but until then, I do what I can to (1) stop myself from ever recieving such a letter and (2) share what I got from the POV of giving back to the network, seeing as I have taken so much.

    Every sharer who leaves is sorely missed by all, but just another victory for the big industry associations.

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    I agree with most of what you say, I have up untill now and may hold on a little longer, though I don't need to be the last man standing on a sinking ship. It seems that Sharman saw this coming and have done little to stop it, while others are more than willing to take this seriously.

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