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Thread: Doom 3

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    I couldnt really be bothered looking around, so is anyone else looking forward to this?!
    Anyone have a release date for it ?!!!
    check this out:

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    Theres an alpha going round somewhere, apparently it is extremley tense

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    You can easily find the alpha in K-Lite it's name is doom3.e3-demo-alpha-leak

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    Besides the alpha (which I'm not getting until I upgrade my PC and which I've heard is a pain to get working) there are a few other interesting things about that you may or may not know about. There's an old cam of last years e3 showing quite a bit of gameplay (although as far as I know much or all of this is in the alpha leak itself). There's also a video from this e3 on gamespot thats available for download. I think you have to be a registered member to get it from there but you can also get it from here or from Kazaa. It shows a couple of enemies such as the funny upside down head spider things (you'll know what I mean if you've seen them) which haven't been shown before. Doom3 has also been announced for the XBox and I hope it doesn't go the same way Halo and others did (delayed on PC, probably with a wad of cash from Microsoft, so it'd come out on Xbox first). I don't think there has been a release date for either platform yet.

    I'm greatly looking forward to many games coming later this year (unless they suffer the usual setbacks), most notably Doom3, Halflife 2 (which has a very impressive video showing the engine and some gameplay from the same site i've linked to) and Deus Ex 2. All are sequels to games I've enjoyed immensely. B)

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    Release date is November (if they can get it finished ). There's a great "teaser" that you can download legitimately. Can't remember where I got it now, but the filename is - it's in my shared folder.

    This is the biggest release for a long time - Half Life 2 will be pretty cool for sure, but Doom is going to be the latest incarnation of the best FPS series ever. Let's not forget the original Half Life was based on the Quake 2 engine. Carmack is the man!

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    Dues Ex 2 is going to be legendary


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