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Thread: Are The Bittorrent Sites Lying?

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    I noticed that most of the big bittorrents sites that went down all are claiming that they are having hardware problem. They said nothing about Matrix Reloaded. Suprnova ( just put this out

    Originally posted by "suprnova"
    We have problems with our hardware and stuff. We will be back. Sorry.

    Do think that it really was the movie industry that shut all these sites down or was that just a rumor?

    If not, why were they all shut down at the time?
    If so, why are they publicly announcing that they are comming back?

    Could it be a hacker?
    Maybe that hacker got pissed of that the matrix was leaked?

    I have no idea...
    ...does anyone know?

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    that message has been up a couple of days.

    it was the illegal content of the sites got them shut down.

    i suppose they could be back on different servers

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    I don't think torrentse is lying, at some point yesterday they tried to get the new server up, but it had internal errors....
    So I guess they are indeed working on it.

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    A little more searching and you would have found this topic here Bittorent Blackout Due To Bbc Article !
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    I read that, but those are theories - there is an article and at the same time (torrentse for instance before that) some sites go down - everyone believes there must be a connection. The belief becomes fact - stated where?
    How often did Bittorrent sites go down before - was that due to any articles?
    We can speculate a lot, but I don't think there is anything to it - I might be mistaken, but there are still a lot of UK bittorrent sites up which are even using the same ISPs as some of those down now.

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    It sounds too much like a clever 'coverstory' to me too.
    I'll dig around a little, but I don't expect to find very much.
    I'm including anything that seems even remotely related:
    Matrix sequel pirated online
    "The website was subsequently taken down on Tuesday."
    Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 May, 2003, 15:29 GMT 16:29 UK
    'Napster effect' hits US shows

    "But Jacqueline Hurt, a solicitor specialising in media law, said the programmes were being distributed without licence and therefore illegally distributed.
    The TV industry is already aware of many BitTorrent sites, and is closing them down as fast as it can find them.

    But with web space so readily available it only takes a short time to put up a web page and link to the latest programmes."
    Date: Friday, January 3rd - 2003
    Subject: Torrent servers running for AJ
    Poster: Nightzz
    "Animejunkies is experimenting with the new file sharing client known as Bit Torrent."
    Date: Thursday, May 8th - 2003
    Subject: Site downtime
    Poster: Nightzz
    "The Animejunkies website was down for a couple of hours due to technical difficulties on the part of the host. Everthing should be back to normal again and I give my sincere apologies to all that tried to access the site and could not. By the way Aniverse is working normally again and all are welcomed to the channel."
    Aniverse problems posted by Platinum_Star on 05/14/03
    "As you all know, Aniverse is currently not very stable. As a result we have establish some back up channels."

    backup servers posted by Platinum_Star on 04/27/03
    "Due to the recent Aniverse network problems, many groups have found either new servers or have established backup servers."
    Bit Torrent Headquarters
    "This site is basically offline:
    Hey everyone. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) complained about some of the .torrent file I had on this site to my university about a month or two ago. Basically the university said I had to take down the stuff they complained about.

    I went ahead and took the entire site down, as more than just those couple pages had potential copyright issues.
    Offline: April 11, 2003
    Updated: May 28, 2003"
    AniDB has MOVED -
    (This could be because the older server was shut down... circa, around April-May 2003)
    AnimeDB Public Beta
    "AniDB has now moved to a new dedicated host. This might have introduced some new random features so keep your eyes open."
    Welcome to; an unlicensed anime fansub BitTorrent tracker.

    Server News
    "The host was down for approximately two hours during a rather heavy dDoS attack (likely originating from Korea, judging from the logs I have; more than 1000 IPs participated :-( )

    RackShack was quick to respond and cut off the traffic; I hope the attack is over now.

    Sheesh, Grow up."
    BitTorrent @
    "Those idiots...
    For several weeks AnimeSuki was under attack from DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. Most of you may not have noticed much of this because they only lasted a few hours at most and were blocked by a firewall on the server and by my server provider.
    Unfortunately, my server provider was apparently fed up with those attacks and pulled the plug of the AnimeSuki server. Although I can understand their network might have been affected a bit by the attacks, isn't this giving those damn ------ ------ exactly what they want?"

    Temporary Site
    "I had setup Linux on a Pentium machine I still had around to test some things I probably need to do on the new server (like downgrading Apache), when I realized the machine was properly configured (Apache, PHP, MySQL) to run AnimeSuki. Note however that this machine is slow and on a slow connection. It may also not be up 24/7!
    > (offline, machine wasn't powerful enough to handle the site continuously)"

    "2003/05/23 01:00 - Server pulled by my server provider (RackShack).",,t283-s2135249,00.html
    New P2P tools mean quicker downloads
    12:43 Tuesday 27th May 2003
    John Borland, CNET

    "The latest P2P tools - such as eDonkey and BitTorrent - allow Internet users to download larger files more efficiently, which worries the music and film industries
    A new generation of peer-to-peer tools is gaining traction on the Internet, spelling tougher times ahead for movie studios' attempts to quell online piracy.

    "We see people downloading like crazy," said Mark Ishikawa, chief executive of BayTSP, a Silicon Valley company that monitors file-swapping networks for movie studios and record labels. "eDonkey is passing Gnutella, and is even on its way to passing FastTrack." FastTrack is the technology behind Sharman Networks' Kazaa and Grokster.

    File-swapping tools such as Kazaa and Morpheus are still enormously popular -- indeed, on Friday, Kazaa passed ICQ instant messaging software as the most-requested technology ever on, a software aggregation site owned by CNET Kazaa has been downloaded more than 229 million times, according to that site."

    Executives from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the movie studios' trade association, say they are well aware of and are monitoring the new file-swapping technologies.

    "I would say that they represent a continuing threat," said Tom Temple, director of worldwide Internet enforcement for the MPA. But just as with predecessors, the new technologies expose their Internet addresses of those who download files, allowing antipiracy enforcers to track them down, he said. "They still allow us to identify the IP address of a person.""

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    it is in my opinion that the fbi has been logging tcp connections to certain sites,
    related to torrent files.

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    Apparently some of the trackers are down aswell, so bittorrent network is or was pretty crippeled.. Sucks because I like downloading Anime from there.

    It also somewhat looks like several bittorrent sites are getting DDoS'ed.. Does not sound like government though, they would never do such a thing even though they have the resources. Some people...

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    Kind of suck doesn't it, to be controlled by someone who twist thing around in their favor? I feel the pain, oh god, help us all!!! For this is unjustice, unfair, and just greed kicking in. I am disgusted that everytime we try to enjoy things for free, they come after us like we're thieves.
    Guys, here's what you do to retaliate against them, don't pay to watch movies at the theater, don't buy any of their crap if you can help it. End of rant.
    Peace out...

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    I think the Kazaa viruses are driving the DDoS attacks...

    Everyone who's infected with those viruses are DDoS attacking SOMEONE/SOMEWHERE virtually 24/7, and it wouldn't surprise me that whoever made that virus wants to kill multiple birds with 1 stone:
    1.cripple Kazaa users
    2.DDoS attack BitTorrent sites/elsewhere

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