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Thread: pre-info

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    Hi, I'm using to see what is released.. but I often see stuff on the private trackers that are far from reaching .. what would be the best place to see what is released and when? what is the best pre nfo site?


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    You can try - it's good for movies
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    yeah thanks used that one...

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    Heard is alright. Some trackers also run their own pre channels.

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    If you have access to a "prechan" at IRC, you can see pre's getting listed as they're relased.

    I.E. from a prechan:
    .::[PRE]::. .::[MP3]::. [ Udg_-_Bud_A_Nebe-CZ-2007-mCZ ]
    .::[NUKE]::. .::[ Poseidon.2006.MULTiSUBS.READNFO.PAL.DVDR-iGNiTiON ]::. [ dupe.SUBTiTLES-2006-10-19 ]
    .::[PRE]::. .::[EBOOK]::. [ El.Pais.24.Marzo.2007.Spanish.Retail.eBook-FMR ]
    .::[PRE]::. .::[EBOOK]::. [ Le.Monde.25.Mars.2007.French.Retail.eBook-FMR ]
    .::[PRE]::. .::[EBOOK]::. [ Le.Monde.Argent.25.Mars.2007.French.Retail.eBook-FMR ]
    They are usually colorized, like nukes with red colors, green @ unnukes, etc.

    However, you can't view any -info- like at NFOrce, you can only see it getting pred.


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    310 is good site about scene news. I prefer it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivanov View Post is good site about scene news. I prefer it
    wow man that is a really nice site........ty

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