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Thread: Torrent And Matrix

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    HI j have a problem , firstlly j am useing bittorrent for the first time and j dont know how to pouse it (theres only cancel button) becouse for exampe j whish to shut dawn the computer then what . And my second questin is why it is dawnloading Matrix reloaded this 2gig thing so slow 2kb , while upload is over 10kb . plezzzz answer

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    You can cancel it and restart it by downloading to exactly the same folder,it just picks up where it left off.Your download rate will be slow because maybe there arent many people d/l it on torrent at the moment.

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    HI there

    To shed some light on your second question My uderstanding of tollerant is that when you originally launch your file say the matrix for now, It sours up sometimes beyond your upload capacity!. why is this! this is because the first chunks of data are given to you from a main server from the tollerant site you got the file from. After this its down to whom is sharing what.

    Right here's what happens to your download kb ps. As you download more of the file the less people have the parts that you want. And as I've found out recently upon reaching 90% oh dear they all turned out to be so called leachers and all the seeders have F***** off long ago.

    This is one major gripe with tollerant the other is the unfair (i think) way in which the sharing bandwith works. On kazaa the Whole file is available normally and from multiple sources as you know. This is great because your download is only limited by your connection speed.

    Surely if they took away the restriction with tolerant more people would have the complete file quicker in the first damn place therfore spreading out a complete file sooner and most users will get a good download speed and upload speed!!!!.

    What do you think!

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    I tried the experimental bittorrent to alleviate the problem you state.
    But, i wasnt too successful, although i was too impatient, if you use the normal bittorrent and just leave it on for a good few hours it will speed up a lot more.
    Its all about being on the file at the right time, when theres loads of other dudes downloadin it.


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