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Thread: Some random questions regarding mouse and presentation

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    I need some help to understand what I am looking for.

    (1) Sometimes, in video tutorials that demonstrate how to use a particular software, when the tutor clicks a button using his mouse, a small red cirle appers. This indicates to us that the tutor has clicked his mouse button.

    How does this work? What do I need to make a red circle appear when I click my mouse button?

    (2) Whats the name of the physical equiptment that presenters use to point at something during their presentations. This device can be stretched to increase its length. When closed, it fits in the hand. It looks like a radio aerial.

    Any idea what I am referring to?

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    1 - goto
    control panel > mouse
    third tab - Pointer options
    at bottom Mark - "show location of pointer when i press CTRL key."

    now press the ctrl key and you will see a circle.

    2 -
    goto to any office equipement store and ask there, or buy an antenae
    or buy a laser they are all pretty cheap


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