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Thread: Help Needed With These Movies

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    does anyone know the filenames of these films coz ive downloaded them 2 or 3 times...n theyr all fakes... ....

    bruce almighty
    anger management
    the core

    the filenames of the divx movies, or atleast very good quality ones..if there are any others

    maybe its too soon fer bruce almighty to be in divx format...but the other 2 been there for a long time now

    ne 1 ?

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    i've tryed to do movies too. i do not understand i have bout a thousand codecs including KL one and players and all kinds of stuff but the movies never work. but other movies like funny clips like poeple getting ran over n stuff and porn all come out fine , so i know it;s not my comps power

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    rea up in movie world.. there are verifieds...

    I move this to that world B)

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    ughhhh...either use the verifieds, or don't try to download brand new movies with K-Lite at all. 95% of the files are gonna be fakes! Use newsgroups, IRC, or BitTorrent.


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