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Thread: Need Help encoding DVD-r

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    Hey, I was wondering which program I should use to remove the extras from a dvd and still have the entire menu structure intact (that means no dvd shrink). I've seen it done on torrent sited. They have stripped the extras, subtitles, and other audio files. how is this done? also, I don't want to replace the space with a black screen. I want them gone!

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    What you can do first copy the contents of the dvd into windows.

    Then check out each one of the .vob files. Find which ones are extra files, delete them

    Then open the folder in something like dvd shrink (not for the purpose of shrinking, you can use another proggie if you like) and burn.

    When you get to the menu screen and try to click the link for the extra to play it will either do nothing or crash. I'm guessing it will do nothing, since scene groups wouldn't take time to re-author a menu to disable a link.
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    make sure you dont just copy the file, rip them with something like dvd decrypter to you drive. you can use roxio EMC to burn and select which bits you want still keeping the original menu


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