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Thread: Help with older NZB's

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    Just found this site a couple days the hell out of p2p !!!

    Anyway, I signed up to Giganews for its 100-day retention and I'm finding some closed threads here with nzb's. The policy is they close the threads based on dates, but the ones I'm looking at are only 60-75 days old.

    My questions:

    a) is there any other way to get these nzb's from this site? is it possible to re-open the threads?
    b) if I try to download the files directly, it will take hours to download the headers and I can only filter the header download by header id. Can any newsreader filter the header downloads by specific dates???? I'm currently trying Newsbin, Xnews, and alt.binz.

    Thanks for any input!!

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    go to do a search there and create your NZB. thats what I do
    OR and I know ur new. But check this site atleast once a week for new NZB's I have newshosting which comes with 45 days retention (which is always not true, i have DL MP3's that are 97 days old with no probs) yeah its nice to have 100 days but i dont even use my 45 day retention to the fullest.

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    Thanks Xdreamer!! binsearch appears to be exactly what i needed. I've got the nzb's queued in my downloader.

    I know there are lots of postings going on every day, and I am checking back every day.


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