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Thread: How Do I Burn In Bin Cue Format?!

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    Hi im downloaded from bittorent but the files im downloading are BIN and CUE files and therefore i am super confused how do i burn them, what software do i need what order do i put the files in!!! please help me i would greatly appreciate it.

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    Read past post, i have asked the same question before and not too long ago, but lets tell again. it is the matrix huh, lol just be sure not to put matrix in your topic or people wont answer you. ok now

    get nero file-> burn image

    select your cue#1 burn!!!!!

    next one get enxt cd select cue#2 burn!!!!

    and so on.....

    have a good time.

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    thank u no i already have the cam version of the matrrix i was downloading bruce almighty im new to bittorent thanks for replying even though youve told ppl b4!


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