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Thread: Adobe InDesign CS2

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    Hi I'm new to this thread I used Jeeves about 10 years ago and got great results, so here I am again looking for what I desperatly need...... A download of Adobe In Design CS2 I'm a student and would have purchased it but even for a student the prices are 6-900 dollars, I have a family and that's a lot of hotdogs and tissue paper missing out of my budget, so if anyone has it and can download it to me I would be grateful, I used the trial version a while back but it fails in many ways in completing some of the tasks required. HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

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    There are many avenues to procure that program, but don't actually host downloads on this forum.

    You might try bittorrent, demonoid has it.

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    No we don't but 2minus2 does , so search that or pm me .

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    I tried to reach those sites but was unable to because of Library restrictions, I'll see later If I can find a less restrictive WiFi to accomplish this task before I bother you guys further.. Ps. thanks for telling me you all don't do downloads, when you are looking for Info you try any and everything.. oh and peatmoss, I'm a woman but I thought the kitty titty was cute


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